Xmeets: Main Features, Membership Plans And More

Now is the time to take a deep look at the Xmeets site and present you all the findings I discovered in my 2 weeks period. The site is a nice place to be and definitely has a lot to offer. I decided to present you with a complete and full Xmeets review with all the main sections you may be interested in.

First impressions of Xmeets

I find that the first impressions of Xmeets are mixed. I liked the modern and sleek design of the site, but I dislike the fact a user must register in order to access the site. As a guest, you can only see the first, registration page where you can select what you are looking for and start registration. Registration itself is straightforward. I literally needed 5 minutes of my time and during that period I wasn’t able to find any complications. You need an email address, a unique username, birthday and you are done.

The next impression is more than just positive. I was able to enjoy a list of countless, beautiful and sexy women from all parts of the United States and the choice was epic. The site offers you countless possibilities and you can choose any person who you like and send a message. All of this suggests that I am fond of the site.

Main features of Xmeets

Xmeets is a well-developed site with a modern interface and modern features. This means that a new user will have a great time as soon as he starts using the site and there are no major issues or complications. Anyway, I believe the following features are very important.

Match feature- When a user registers a new account, he will have to answer a series of questions. The goal is to create a complete profile which is used to present you with a list of the most suitable matches. I must add that the algorithm is slightly better than similar sites have and it is definitely an advantage.

Voice and video chatting- One of the main advantages here is the ability to chat with beautiful women using voice or video calls. They are always available and they can help you get the complete feel. It is easier than you may believe and it is something you will definitely like. I know I did.

App- There is an app of the same name which is available for Android and iOS users. In order to provide the most accurate review, I did use the app and I find it basic and great. It has all the main features of the site, it is stealth and it is a pleasure to use.

Quickie- The main feature with the best name ever. It allows the users to find a potential match within seconds and to start a conversation with the possible, great outcome. I highly recommend this feature to all of you and I must add the fact I had a lot of luck using it.

In the end, all I can add is that Xmeets site is a nice experience. It is loaded with useful and sexy profiles, it is affordable and it has all the features an average user may need. There are no major issues here and all the possibilities are open and available!

Membership plans at Xmeets

Xmeets is one of those sites where you can get some features for free, but if you want all of them, you will need to pick a membership plan. It is important to add that this plan eliminates ads, always a nice addition. Here is what I can say about the pricing and the available membership plans.

The first plan is for 3 days trial and it will cost you $2.97. 1 month cost $29.95 while 3 months cost $16.16 per month. There is also a gold membership plan for 6 months which is $69.90 ($11.65 per month). I must add that the site offers a 60% discount to the gold membership plan which is usually available.

In terms of cost, the site is basically the same as many others of the same nature. Keep in mind that you will need a premium plan in order to use advanced features and to get the complete set of tools to find a suitable partner.

Who should register at Xmeets and purchase a premium plan?

The answer is easy. All of you who are looking for a premium site to meet all sorts of women from all parts of the United States and who want casual sex, dating and nothing more, Xmeets is the right place to be. If you are looking for a marriage or a serious relationship, this site isn’t for you.

I find it useful and a nice place to meet a lot of people with the same interest. Yes, it is a paid site, but there are no a lot of fake profiles and women are engaged to chat with you, something I like.


The site allows you to easily find women and girls for sex and casual dating within minutes. There are a lot of profiles and there are a lot of women who share the same belief.

Modern design has to be mentioned here as well. The site is relatively good-looking and has all the perks you may need.

The matching algorithm is an advanced feature I liked a lot. It helps you get matches easily and within seconds. The site has a lot of similar girls and women to offer and there are plenty of profiles the algorithm will display to you.


There is no free plan you can use. The site is premium meaning you have to pick one in order to use it completely and with all the features.

The number of fake profiles is still higher than average, a drawback as well. Be careful and pay close attention to the profile details.


Xmeets is a place where I was able to find several girls within the first week and to have a great time with them. I must recommend it and I must add that the site is very popular due to a reason. It is something you need to check out and something you will likely use at some point.

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