WellHello, Can You Have An Affair Using It?

Total Score

Simplicity 86%
Number of Users 92%
Safety 95%
Customer Service 87%
Quality of Profiles 94%
Value for money 92%

There is a lot of websites on the internet to hook you up with girls. It has become into an industry of millions of dollars that have a lot of people salivating at the mouth trying their chances to set one up to on their own to get people attracted to them. It’s no surprise though. There are way too many folks alone out there feeling lonely and desperate enough to try these type of services on a dare while looking for a soul mate or at least a kindred spirit of sorts.

Trying out so many options can lead you to some offers that sound too good to be true. You know what they say about those kinds of opportunities, right? Easy come easy go. Many of these websites are just scams to grab hold of the users and bleed them out of money as much as they can with fake bots passing as girls. You probably have encountered one or two of these sites yourself. If you are tired of being duped you probably would do well to try WellHello.

WellHello is one of those sites that make things simpler for everyone involved. The site is solely open for adults, so you don’t have to worry too much about offending someone by stating your preferences wide open. If you are one hunting for true love, you can give it a shot, but you will have a lot more luck finding another person to spend a good time with no strings attached. WellHello is not exactly groundbreaking when it comes to design; the portal itself look pretty tame with a very user-friendly interface that points the location of all options.

You will see a lot of people being awfully direct. Fear not, if you don’t want to engage someone that is being way too persistent, you can give them a pass.

What Makes WellHello Unique to Other Platforms?

The sole purpose of these reviews is to be very straightforward with you. We can’t lie, so we are not in a position to tell you that WellHello is the greatest hookup site on the internet. It will, however, offer a good experience and keep you entertained for a while. Registration on the website is free, a big plus right there. The platform will ask you for some information about you such as your gender, your age, and an email address to grant you access to the site using a confirmation link. You will have the option to review as much of the site as you want on your first visit, but you won’t be able to communicate with anyone else.

Here is the catch: to enjoy the full benefits of the site as well as all the features you will have to upgrade your account. Your reach on the site will go as far as the type of subscription you choose. The main options offered are a 24-hour trial for $1 to get a hold of everything that is provided. There is also unlimited access for a month at $29.95. If you are convinced with the 24-hour trial and you feel lucky, you can sing up to the annual subscription that will cost you a monthly fee of $9.99. After passing the paywall of your choice, you will be able to partake on diverse features such as:

  • A customized rank of popular users
  • Full view of the people online near you
  • The possibility of checking who has browsed your profile
  • The ability to create a list of favorite users based on interactions
  • You will be able to use text messages to communicate as well as video chats
  • Full range of search options based on age, gender, and distance
  • The ability to browse private videos and adult content shared by any user

WellHello can be accessed from any desktop and mobile devices as well; the app is available on the iOS store and Google Play for Android. As we have already stated, the site is amusing to some extent, but if you don’t pay up, the customized Love Hostesses of the site will be bothering you aplenty. Those accounts are not real at all. They are bots put in place with the sole goal of making you sing up to get rid of them.

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