USASexGuide – Popular Hookup Forum Review

Of all sites of this kind, USASexGuide is the largest and usually the most common choice for all of us, including myself. The site is different than typical sites of this niche and it is developed as a forum rather than as a conventional dating site. Users are able to create posts, read other posts and share the experience of the escort services, strip clubs and more. Of course, users can interact, share images, videos, find partners and so much more.

The site has over 500.000 users at the moment and the number is increasing every single day. I tested the site in depth and now I will provide you the complete and the full USA Sex Guide review with all the known and less-known features, facts and more revealed.

Main features of the USASexGuide

  • Free membership is always available
  • Thousands of online users at any given moment
  • State and city search is always available
  • 4 different types of membership plans (all free)
  • Transparent rules and regulations
  • Simple interaction with other users

The first step, registration

I find the registration both, simple and appealing. First of all, there is no need to create an account if a user wants to:

  • Read the posts
  • Check the main features of the site
  • Use the site without interaction with other users

On the other hand, I noticed that the registration is extremely simple and comes with basic steps. Anyway, those steps are:

  1. Select the registration type (user, escort, club or etc.)
  2. Choose the username
  3. Choose the password
  4. Agree to the terms
  5. Verify the email address
  6. Done

I liked the fact the registration is free and all users are accepted. This is one of the reasons why the site has been growing for a long period of time and why there are a lot of people interested in the features and services available.

4 types of memberships at the UsaSexGuide

I must explain that not all the users will be equivalent to the full-access and the conventional user type. As a matter of fact, there are 4 main types and each one is explained below.

Members waiting for email verification

I was this type before I verified the email address. Basically, it refers to the users who completed the registration but haven’t verified the email. As such, they are unable to create posts, upload images and more. They have the same level of access as unregistered users.

Standard membership users

After you confirm the email, you will become a regular user. Now, users can create posts, share images, interact with others and more. All the features of the site are allowed and there are no major limits.

Senior membership users

Once I compiled 25 posts and I have been using the site for over 6 months, I became the senior member. This means that eventually most of you will become a senior member who gets additional features and credentials.

Unmoderated membership users

The ultimate type of membership is reserved for users who have been using the platform for over a year and they create posts on the forum that compile to the rules and regulations. Their posts are not moderated.

To summarize, a new user will become an unverified member before verifying the email. Once this is done, a user becomes a regular member of the community and doesn’t have limits. Over time, all the users will reach one of the 2 types of membership explained above.


  • Over 570.000 users available
  • Completely free to register and use
  • Transparent terms and rules
  • States and cities search feature
  • Users can rate other members and reports


  • The site is a bit complicated to use
  • You need to register in order to get full access

Cost and billing

Well, I have to say this is the simplest part of the review. Using the site is completely free and there are no hidden costs and membership plans. All users are welcome to try the site and enjoy all of its perks. For those who want to say thank you to the developers, there is WSG Charities donate option. I said thanks by donating a small amount of money.

List of services USA Sex Guide provides

In order to understand the site completely and see is it the perfect choice for you, I will list the services the site offers and help you understand the complete set of mechanics behind the site. Anyway, users can:

  • Write and create their own reports and posts
  • Recommend a new post or report to the members
  • Contact other users
  • Share images, messages and more
  • Meet in personal life
  • Share contact information
  • Perform group meetings online or in real life
  • Add new images and photos to the forum
  • Post ads
  • What’s a new section
  • Checklists of webcams, escorts and abbreviations

In the lack of a better word, users can enjoy all the perks related to the niche and the site in general. I personally like the feature which allows the users to find the reports based on their own state and city. Of course, larger cities have a long selection of posts and reports, but even the smallest cities can help you get the answer you have been looking for. Additionally, there are reports related to sex toys, jokes, different categories and so much more.

I also visited the administrator section where I was able to read the terms and regulations, see how the site actually works and investigate the protection the site offers.

One section that is probably the most appealing is the list of escort services. Here users can see the reports, find interesting offers, and even post their own ones. The engagement of the users is massive so the ads are very popular and commonly visited and commented by the users.

The site will require an email address to offer you all the perks and features, but the email is hidden and won’t be shared with third parties. As always, I find this an important advantage and probably the most important when it comes to online safety. USASexGuide protects us by keeping all the messages, posts, reports and more completely hidden from the search engines and other, non-registered users.

List of the states with the most beautiful girls

I was able to find the interesting advantage of the USA Sex Guide. They offer a list of the states in the United States and they can help you determine where the best-looking girls, sex-related fun and more are so popular and so beneficial. The detailed list is explained below.


It may sound interesting and strange but Alabama is a popular state of this purpose. The nudity and sex toys are both hard to get which makes all of this a forbidden fruit. In 2019, the state saw 6.5 million tourists who came here for sex perks, toys and related fun. This especially refers to Baldwin County and Huntsville.


Here you need to pay close attention to Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska. It hosts countless strip clubs, plenty of adult clubs and pubs and you can have sex under the Aurora lights. 2 million people come each year for these benefits.


Over 44 million people come to the state each year thanks to plenty of strip clubs in Tucson, superior escort services, and sex-based services. Yes, Grand Canyon is also here and popular.


Visitors should pay close attention to Hot Springs and Eureka Springs. Over 7 million people cist each place per year. Casinos and adult entertainment are the main advantages here.


Over 3.000 hookups occur each year in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara. This makes the state especially popular for those looking for a partner or partners.


Over 85 million tourists come here each year. The reasons are special strip clubs, adult entertainment, and lovely escorts.


Connecticut is known for one thing among all the others. It is extremely popular thanks to wild sex life which affects all the residents and all the tourists.


The site recommends the state thanks to the weird and funny sex toys, beaches and superb sex clubs. Escorts have a lot of perks here as well and they are one reason why so many tourists come here each year.


Florida gets 120 million tourists per year. All of them come to see erotic museums, Miami and nearby beaches and some of the most beautiful escorts in the United States.


The state and Atlanta attracts 100 million tourists each year and the excellent sex-related attractions are the main reason.


Hawaii, especially Honolulu gets 8 million tourists per year. They are attracted to the sex locations, escorts, erotic massages and more.


Idaho is popular among sex tourists due to nice and interesting natural locations where you can enjoy like never before.


114 million tourists come here every year and they all look for one thing only. To have sex in the most beautiful and unexpected areas. Chicago is definitely the most popular city here for this purpose of course.


79 million tourists come here each year. They like adult clubs, beautiful escorts, and the stunning sex life possibilities in Fort Wayne.


It is another state that is very popular in the sex industry. Here, around 16% of the budget tourists spend on having fun and the biggest part of that goes to the sex toys, sex-based fun and more.


Here you must visit places such as Legs and Shady Lady Lounge and Bazooka’s Showgirls. They are just a small example of what the state offers. It attracts 25 million tourists per year.


Kentucky makes $15 million per year from the tourists only. Sex life and adult entertainment in Louisville have the biggest impact and best development.


Over 50 million tourists come here per year in order to enjoy the massage parlors, sex life, and strip clubs.


Maine is a world-known for stunning strip clubs and safe, adult fun. The state has 37 million tourists per year.


Baltimore is known as a sex tourist attraction that has to be visited and enjoyed at least once in life.


Although the popularity refers to all the cities, Boston is in the big lead. It attracts over 20 million people per year thanks to the best adult entertainment in the United States.


113 million tourists come here and Detroit to enjoy the best adult shows and entertainment capabilities.


Minnesota’s largest city, Minneapolis allows for the owners to start an adult and strip club in the center of the city. All is allowed here. The state has 33 million tourists per year.


23 million tourists each year. Reasons are in the best and the most beautiful escorts and erotic massages.


Another state where erotic massages and sex life stands out from the crowd and offers you a long list of possibilities.


Montana invests a huge amount of money into developing sex-based establishments such as clubs, strip parlors and places for erotic massage.


Here, 60% of the residents spend on average, 2 days in a hotel per week. The reason, some of the most beautiful escort ladies in the world.


49 million tourists come to Nevada each year. The biggest part goes to Casinos in Las Vegas while a big part enjoys escorts, strip clubs and more.

New Hampshire

There are 7 sections of the state and each one has its own list of benefits and advantages to offer. But, the state is well-known for the most appealing strippers in the United States.

New Jersey

100 million tourists come here for escorts, strippers and erotic establishments.

New Mexico

New Mexico gets 30 million tourists per year thanks to the rich adult entertainment industry, plenty of clubs and escort services.

New York

New York has 60 million tourists per year thanks to its superior adult clubs, stripping establishments and fetish-based clubs. There is nude dining if you are interested in Albany.

North Carolina

50 million tourists per year. Playhouses in Raleigh and Charlotte are excellent and I love them.

North Dakota

The main perks here are nude dancing, escorts and adult bars across the state.


Dollhouses are something you like? Visit Ohio (Columbus, Cincinnati or Toledo) and join over 210 million visitors each year.


Oklahoma City is well-known for kinky sex toys and the fact people like purchasing them.


Oregon attracts 30 million people per year. They are mostly interested in kinky stuff and sex establishments.


43 million travelers per year. All of them like the sex-toys, strip clubs and also sex in nature.

Rhode Island

25 million tourists per year (including Providence). Sex services were prohibited in 2009, which makes them even more desirable today.

South Dakota

Over 14 million people come here each year. The secret lies in adult establishments and affordable escorts.


15 million visitors each year enjoy escorts, strip clubs, and erotic massages in Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville.


Texas is world-known for beautiful ladies. Escorts are common and very affordable. They are pleasant as well.


Utah is known for sexual encounters and something 23 million people enjoy each year.


Adult activities are common here in all the areas, inside, outside, parks, cities and more.


Sex, erotic massages, strippers, fun in adult areas and so much more is more than just common. 22 million tourists come to this state and Seattle per year.

West Virginia

Morgantown, Charlestown, and Huntington are well-known for adult clubs and escorts. 16 million overnight tourists are common here.


105 million visitors per year. They enjoy sex toys, massage, and fun with escortsin Milwaukee.


Some of the most erotic women live here and they can be seen in many erotic establishments and strip clubs.

How much adult entertainment will cost you?

It is mandatory to remember that the sex services will cost you between $50 and $1000 per hour in the United States. The cost actually depends on the state and the type of service you need. In general, one hour is around $200 which is the same price for erotic massage. However, erotic massage can cost up to $400 per hour. Anyway, I will present you with a few interesting details or examples of the costs in the United States.

  • Arizona- A lesbian escort will cost you $1500 per day in Phoenix
  • California- Santa Fe sex services are $100 while in Silicon Valley they go between $300 and $500 per hour
  • Florida- Orlando is known for services that cost $400 per hour
  • Indiana- $500 per hour, but for a high-end escort
  • Minnesota- $60 for online sex
  • Nevada- $200-$600 but in a legal brothel
  • New York- $10.000 per night (high-end escort ladies)
  • Oregon- $130-$500 per hour
  • Washington- $200 per one hour

The final word on the USA Sex Guide

USASexGuide is definitely a place I like and want to recommend to all of you. The site offers you the ability to find people who have the same desires, you can see the details regarding the states and cities in the United States and it is completely free. Although it isn’t the easiest to use, the site is manageable and very popular among various users. Create an account and start enjoying it.

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