TNAboard: Should You Join This Sex Forum?

Total Score

Simplicity 90%
Number of Users 95%
Safety 92%
Customer Service 84%
Quality of Profiles 92%
Value for money 90%

TNAboard is one of many sites I find appealing and interesting. It is developed to match the sex workers such as escorts and online users offering sex-related activities with men and women who seek precisely this. The site has been available for a long period of time, something you can tell if you take a closer look at the main design. However, the site has a lot to offer and I will present to you the most complete TNAboard review below.

First impressions with TNAboard

The first impressions I had with TNAboard are all positive. The site looks extremely easy to navigate and users can choose the desired state and filter by selecting the desired part of each state. There is no need to add that the site is designed and made for residents of the United States.

There are also tons of useful information and features on the homepage. First of all, users can see the active user number, feature providers and also check for local providers. I also liked the recent updates and the top-rated users. The design is minimalistic which can be another advantage.

I must add that the site offers a preview of all the features without registration. This means that as a user you will see a homepage and the main information but you cannot visit each profile, see ads and more. For that, you will need to register. As you would expect, registration is simple and I needed a few minutes. Basically had to enter email and password, agree to the terms and verify the account. BTW, TNAboard is very popular in Portland, New Jersey, Seattle.

Top features of TNAboard

TNAboard definitely has some features I personally like and I want to use it on sites of this kind. Let’s start from the beginning.

State and city filtering- It is probably one of the main and the most appealing features for all the users. After all, you are looking for a sex worker close to you, so you want to see all the ones that are in the same state or in the same city. The city offers you this ability.

Local singles- Another feature I like and believe most of you will share my opinion. The local singles is another feature where you can see the singles next to you, contact them and schedule an encounter.

Porn games- A feature that has to be checked out at least. I had a great time testing this section. There is no need to explain the mechanics. Simple games that are fun to play, loaded with porn content and more. You can have fun and relax here.

Daily updates- Another feature we all need and like. All the content present at the site is updated on a regular basis. This allows us to find the latest posts and escort providers within seconds.

Post reviews- An important feature if you ask me. It refers to the reviews of the previous users. When you click on a profile of a specific escort provider, you can see the details and also the reviews of users who used her services.

Gallery- TNAboard offers a gallery section dedicated to the users who want to see the latest and new pictures within seconds. It is a nice addition that can be more than just pleasant to use and worthy of your time.

In a nutshell, the site is loaded with standard features and options. It offers local escort ladies to the local people and has a nice forum where users can share all the possible details and get useful information, period.

Membership plans and the cost

Here we can see two main options. The first one is completely free and it applies to regular users like myself. I don’t have to pay in order to register at the site and to use all of its features. This especially refers to browsing, checking the ads and more, like using the forum. I can say that TNAboard is completely free to use.

If you are a service provider, you will need to pay in order to place a post. The cost varies depending on the post type, your service details and etc. It may be difficult to complete the step using a debit card but the site offers a lot of alternatives. One of the most interesting is the Bitcoin.

Who will benefit the most out of TNAboard?

In one word, those who look escorts. If you are like me and you are looking to cure girls and even bombshells online, in your state and in your city, this site is for you. The best part is the fact you can use it for free and still get the needed service.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a partner or sex combination on a regular basis, the site probably should be eliminated from your list. Anyway, the forum can be helpful in some cases.


The TNAboard is easy to use and offers all the information you will need. There is no need to spend a huge amount of time to find what you are looking and there are plenty of options available.

The escort workers available here are beautiful, carefully categorized and each one comes with the reviews of past users. This allows you to pick the provider who is the most desirable and who meets your criteria perfectly.

The site is completely free and all the features are available if you are looking to find a paid sex worker.


The design is obsolete and the site should be redesigned in the near future. You can see this the first moment you land on the homepage.

There are no options to find a free hookup partner or sex combination. The TNAboard features paid escorts and sex providers only.


TNAboard is an excellent choice if you are looking for an escort provider from your state or a city. It is completely free, which I always appreciate and like. On the other hand, I can see that there is no potential for users who seek free sex.

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