Stripchat: Features, Memberships, Pros, Cons And More

Total Score

Simplicity 95%
Number of Users 94%
Safety 96%
Customer Service 87%
Quality of Profiles 94%
Value for money 96%
What I can say in order to introduce Stripchat perfectly? Well, you will have to read my complete review in order to get the full impression. At the moment, all I can add is that the site is a professional online establishment, has tons of options and features I like and use and there are some of the most beautiful women here.

First impressions

Stripchat will impress you as it impressed me the first time you direct your web browser to the page. The number of models available at any given moment is impressive, the site looks professional and probably one of the best-looking sites I have been using. The ability to see the online users, sort them out and also to check the live feed of any model without registering at the site are all positive sides and something we all like and love. Within seconds you will see all the perks available here and you can get a complete impression that Stripchat is a high-end site, period. The site is loaded with countless options and advanced features, something I will explain in the next section.

Main features of the site

As I have mentioned earlier on, Stripchat is a high-end site meaning it offers all the features you would expect and something even more. I will start from the simplest ones and move towards more advanced and sophisticated systems and features here. Online users count- Yes it is the simplest feature here but also a very important one. I was able to see how many users there are at any given moment so I was able to determine is this a professional, high-end site or a simple fake one. It is definitely a real deal. Filtering- Filtering is advanced in the lack of a better word. I can filter models according to age, location, and many other points. The bottom line is simple. I can get a feed of the models that meet my precise requirements and don’t spend any time on those that don’t. New models- A small, yet nice addition especially if you are like me, looking for the best-looking models all the time. A new model will get a NEW badge at the top of her feed. This helps us have fun with models who are still new to the site and also help them introduce the possibilities. Interactive toys- You can always go to the interactive toy’s tag located at the bottom left of the page. Then, all the feeds that feature interactive toys can be displayed. Pick a model you like and start having fun. There is no need to repeat me. Stripchat is a high-end site, has all I need and a lot more. It is also free to navigate and check the site at any given moment.

Membership plans

You can register a free account and you will need a couple of minutes of that. When ready, you can also purchase credits or you can get a one-month subscription. It will cost you $19.99 and it renews each month. Of all sites of this kind that I use, Stripchat is one of the most affordable. There is a special membership as well. Here you can purchase credits rather than monthly subscription and use the credits to get the most out of the models. Users can choose between $4.99, $19.99 or $49.99 plans. You get plenty of tokens and you can tip a model using a single token at any given moment. All new members will get 50 tokens for free, once they create the account. A nice addition considering that the site is very affordable to use and yes, you can use it for free while learning the basics and get a complete idea about the place.

Who should register at Stripchat and why?

All of you who are like me should spend some time at Stripchat. The site is one of the best cam-feed establishment I was able to find. There are a lot of girls online, there are some of the most beautiful women present and there are a lot of filtering options. You basically need a few seconds to find a model that matches your criteria perfectly. I was looking for a cam site of this type for a long period of time and I am happy to find it. The best part is the price. The site is extremely affordable to use, far more than other, similar places.


The first advantage of the site is filtering. Yes, I know, it may sound repetitive but this is a mandatory feature on all sites of the kind and it must be considered. I am always able to find the model I was looking for and I was able to have fun with her. Free mode is a nice addition. I was able to browse the cams, see all the models and so much more. Interactive toys is another advantage. It is a small, yet appealing feature that we all like and we all want to use it. Keep in mind that not all models support this feature so you will need to find the ones that do. Site design is something I also like. It looks better than most, similar websites and it offers simple navigation, tons of options and so much more without making the usage complicated or annoying. The site is affordable as well and as you would expect, I will place this as an additional advantage of Stripchat.


There are two small drawbacks present. The first one is the fact the site is available in the English language only which limits the usability for some users. The site requires a premium account in order to allow you to interact with the models.


The bottom line is that I highly recommend Stripchat to all of you. The site is professionally developed, has plenty of models and filtering is one of the best I saw in the recent period of time. Do I need to say more?
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