SPdate – Smart Dating Site Review, Pros & Cons

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There are a lot of dating websites out there, but very few of them actually appeal to the generation that has grown up seeing the evolution of the internet into the social media juggernaut that it is today. SPdate is here to fill that quota in spades. The first impression of the site tells you everything you need to know about it. It follows the dynamic of the Speed Date rooms that are located all over the world, where you take a moment to talk to people on the other side of the screen and see if you have something in common with them. It’s a very safe scenario and one that can help you meet a lot of new people without actually going to these public spaces. Before we continue is necessary to clear something up: SPdate is made to appeal to a target audience but is not meant to work as a dating platform based on the willingness of engaging adults to have sex. There is no room for naughtiness here so you won’t be seeing provocative pictures or videos. SPdate as it is, works pretty good as a communicational app. You can follow the posts and publications of the contacts you are following in a newsfeed format and “like” their publications. The platform is very easy to join. You only need to provide your first name, gender, age, email, and password. If you prefer, you can skip this and connect directly using your Facebook account.

Diving Into SPdate

After registration is done, you can choose to use a customized profile pic or keep the same one used on Facebook. You will be asked for more information about your interest, and you will be taken to the categories offered: Discover, Homepage, Messaging, Contacts, Your Profile, Activity log, and Top-ranked users. Discovery is the most used function since in here you will be able to enter parameters to find the kind of people you want to interact with based on traits such as age, gender, and location. After you are done with the setups, you will be taken to the homepage where you will be able to find a timeline full of people ready to talk to you. You can check their profiles and choose one to start communication. In this page, you will be able to offer “likes” to the users’ photos, send a message, or rate their profiles.

The Peculiarities of SPdate

SPdate can be ranked as one of the safest platforms to know people out there. It’s almost amazing to find such an innocent and safe outlet for easy hookups. The site makes it easy for people to engage in a regular conversation based solely on their interests and personality traits. Most people tend to share a lot about themselves on the platform, so it’s pretty easy to know their background before starting a conversation. You can learn about their education background, the type of work they do. There is also room to describe some interests such as favorite TV shows, bands, or kind of music, video games, literature, sports events, hobbies, travels, and favorite foods. You can also state this kind of information about yourself, to make things easier on possible prospects as well as elaborate the type of relationship you are looking for.

The Benefits of SPdate

The “Discover” feature also offers a choice by an algorithm that works a lot like the one used by Tinder, but in a much more specialized way, since it follows the directives set on your expectations about the type of people you are looking to make a connection. The chat rooms are very organized and allow you to keep many dialogs on separate windows, you also check who sees your profile, and you can blacklist someone if you don’t like them for any given reason. SPdate is also one of the few rarities out there when it comes to social networks and date sites: the platform is entirely free of charge. The site could be much better with an added video chat edition, but having something that works this good for free is a hell of a deal. Make sure to try it out!
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