Snapfuck – The Dating Site for Casual Fucks

Total Score

Simplicity 94%
Number of Users 88%
Safety 96%
Customer Service 84%
Quality of Profiles 92%
Value for money 93%

Snapchat revolutionized the internet because it offered something that wasn’t truly available before. It had a complicated interface, but people managed to use the site and make it one of the most popular social networks in no time. What they did with it was so popular that every single social network had to have a piece of the pie by adding a similar feature on their platform. Today you have temporal “stories” in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all of whom have rendered Snapchat obsolete.

Snapchat, however, did something right and very unique to it. It gave people the chance to tell a brief story and send it to a particular person. Of course, a lot of users shared their stories publicly, but Snapchat made it very unique because it offered people with the chance to play a dedicated message and then have it erased on the spot. As you can imagine this led to a lot of sexualized content coming from both men and women alike. These “snaps” made everything fresh. It gave people the power of secrecy again. No one could download a snap and keep it. This uniqueness has been lost now that most platforms have adopted the feature and they save these stories for as long as the user wants.

The original tricky system of snaps was a blast that everyone remembers with a sense of nostalgia. People got a lot from it, and it made social media hot and dirty for a while. Even with the heavy presence of family content, Snapchat kept things interesting for people who sent direct snaps to their partners to keep them aroused. The notion of a dirty picture being deleted after being seen got so popular that people created the term “Sexting” to refer to all notions of intimacy shared over Snapchat. It was a wild phenomenon, and many people still miss it. That’s where Snapfuck comes in, to fill the void left by the original Snapchat.

So what is Snapfuck?

It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. If the name doesn’t give you a clue, Snapfuck is a platform created to help you get laid by sending snaps. You are probably wondering why you can’t simply go to regular Snapchat and do the same there, unfortunately, the original Snaptchat is dying a slow death and they heavily police all content shared on the platform these days. Snapfuck follows the same principles of the original services offered by Snapchat, but it allows users to be as naughty as they want with their content. You can send temporary dirty pictures and short videos aimed at a user with the sole intent of getting together and have a fuck, nothing more, and nothing else.

So how do I get in?

Glad you asked. You have to register as is customary on all dating platforms. Sadly the service is not free as the original Snapchat used to be, you need to get a membership, but once you have it, you can access all the features of the platform for the duration of your paid subscription. As it happens with good things that are driven by nostalgia, Snapfuck has an extensive database of users engaging at all moments, once again you will also have to deal with virtual accounts, but they are easily identifiable. If you can’t tell them apart, ask them to meet, and their evasiveness will clue you in. There is a chat option that is mostly used to exchange contact t info in real life, the platform itself is best suited to send photos to flirt with users. You can set up the duration of the snaps to make sure that your targeted user will be able to see it and make things interesting by spicing up your pictures or teasing the user by adding well-placed text boxes or emojis to incite the imagination.

The Costs of Snapfuck and Final Words About it

Snapfuck is not particularly expensive, but the platform also doesn’t allow to do much other than having the original features of the first versions of Snaptchat. All plans include the whole set of features by the time you choose to have an account, the current memberships offered are a 3-day trial for $5.83 a month for $34.95, six months for $69.92 and that’s it. When you bring Snapfuck to the bare bones, this is just a meeting platform based on temporary pictures. The terms and conditions state some shady dealing such as the use of virtual profiles to handle social surveys. They are essentially telling you that there is a high chance you will engage a bot at some point, which is something good to admit, but it can lead to a false sense of acceptance on users who don’t read the fine print.  Snapfuck is not a bad site, but it could offer a bit more given the cost of it.

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