Milfaholic: Is It A Good Site To Meet Milfs?

What if you are like me and you like MILF? Then you definitely have to try the famous Milfaholic site. It is precisely as the name suggests, it offers you ability to contact MILFs from the United States and so much more. I have been using the site for over 3 months now and I want to share my complete experience in the all-new Milfaholic review here.

First impressions of Milfaholic

Milfaholic isn’t a new site but I need some time to find it. Once I landed on the first page, I was pleasantly surprised. The site offers you plenty of gorgeous MILFs, it is easy to use and there are advanced features you must like. There are also additional features which are well-known such as sending messages, contacting a person and more.

Most sites of this kind will allow you to send a message and then you will get a reply such as ‘’not available’’, or something else. It is difficult to get the proper response from a MILF. Well, Milfaholic is completely different. I got a lot of messages from the MILFs I contacted first and they were interested in having a casual conversation. It is a perfect site for this type of users and it has a lot to offer to all of us.

I also got the impression that the site is loaded with MILFs from the United States and most of them know what to look for. It is a positive experience and something I am happy to share with all of you.

Main features

Of course, the main feature is being able to communicate with MILFs, but there are a few features you will like and you will want to try as soon as possible. Let’s start from the beginning.

Advanced search option- It is far from a new feature, but it is something I was pleased to use once again. The search bar allows you to customize the search, locate the MILFs near you, the ones that match your specific criteria and so much more. You can see the latest users, choose filtering options and more.

MILF friends- The feature is similar to social media platforms. Users can create a profile and send friend requests to other users in this case scenario MILFs. And yes, I have been using the feature for the whole 3 months and I am more than just happy to continue using it. Now users can be friends, comment and share stories with other users.

Favorites- The feature in question will create a list of favorite users and now you can have them within your reach at all times. The next time when you want to send a message to a favorite contact, all you have to do is to check the list and send the message, as simple as that.

The bottom line here is that the site is well-made and it offers precisely the name tells us. The features are standard and there are a few more sophisticated ones, but in a nutshell, users have all that is needed. I can add that you can be free to check out all the additional features and find the ones that are the most appealing for you and that offer all the advantages and perks you have been looking for a long period of time.

Membership plans and prices

If you want to use the Milfaholic you will have to purchase a membership plan. It is generally a bit expensive considering the site nature and the features, but not as much as other sites require from you. I will explain all the prices below.

The first option you have is a 3 day trial. It is something I personally used in the past and something you need to consider. What this means is that you get the ability to check all the features and all the details regarding the site and to pick a longer membership plan afterward. This will cost you $8.9. If you are looking for one month plan, it will cost you $29.95.

Longer plans are available as well. Two months cost $49.95, while 3 months cost $69.90. An interesting fact here is that there is no one-year subscription. I believe this is because the developers know you will meet a MILF you have been looking for for so long.

Premium membership doesn’t have any limits. You can send as many messages as you like, to all members if you prefer and you can find a suitable person within days. Keep in mind that these ladies require a different approach. I discovered that they like general questions about themselves and they usually like nice people, despite what their pictures make you believe. Even if you don’t get a response, another MILF will reply, so keep your head proud up.

Who should visit this site?

All of you interested in MILFs should. The site is developed for this purpose only and you don’t have to waste time finding another site of the same genre. If you are looking for teens or other ages in women, you need to look elsewhere.


The first pros is the fact the site has a long database of actual, real MILFs and they can be contacted easily. Not all the profiles are real, but the bigger part is, and for a site of this kind, it is definitely the most important feature.

The second advantage is the news feed. It shares timeline design from Facebook and it is a nice addition that can help you get the latest news, changes and so much more. It is something I personally like a lot and use it daily.

I also noticed that the site is a pleasant place to be and has a lot of live content, a lot of happenings and it feels pleasant.


Not all the facts are positive. There are a few negative ones. The first one is ads, which will be displayed to you despite the fact you use a premium plan.

There is a lot of spam you can get as well, which isn’t something I prefer. However, this is normal for sites of this type and you will need to set up an email filter.


Milfaholic is an excellent place to chat and meet MILFs. It isn’t free but it is affordable and comes with plenty of real profiles, something you need to place as the first criteria. Add advanced filtering options and friends section and you can have a perfect site for MILFs only.

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