LocalHookUp – The Full Review

localhookupIf you are feeling lonely take a moment to consider that the feeling is probably mutual for someone out there who is in you very same mindset. For days like these, a hook up is just what the doctor ordered. These type of relationships are good enough to keep away loneliness but also to avoid diving into a serious relationship. It’s an understanding that happens between two consenting adults. It can lead to anything, or it can end after a couple of weeks. Don’t look so surprised! It happens quite a lot, and you probably have experienced it yourself at some point without realizing it.

Differences of a Hook Up From a Relationship

The thing with hookups is that they are so casual that most of the times we don’t realize we are in that type of relationship until sex enters the equation. If you don’t know how to read the mood of the other person, you will probably ask a stupid question such as “what are we?” that will change everything instantly. Hookups are for level headed people. It doesn’t need to be analyzed, you both have decided to engage in a comfortable relationship that is driven by the need of companionship as well of sex. Unless you have someone close enough to get something like this, the best chances you got at finding a hookup is with the help of the internet an sites like LocalHookUp.

A lot of people get discouraged after hearing about these websites because they have grown to be a great profitable business for a lot of people. Reviews on the internet reveal how many of them are full of fake users to keep people paying money. We can’t blame these users for being skeptic, but we can tell you that the guys behind LocalHookUp are doing their best to keep the site as real as possible. The site has been around for some time now, and it’s regarded as the real deal by a lot of people who feel pleased with their findings on the site. We are sharing some of the stuff we know first hand about them here.

Getting Started on the LocalHookUp

Let’s not play semantics here. LocalHookUp allows you to create a profile for free, but if you want to have access to the full range of features of the platform you need to pay one of the membership plans offered by the site. This is a common practice among many dating websites, but most of them offer “free” access to hide the paywall that comes behind it. Once you agree to have an account on the site, you will find a user-friendly interface that gives you access to the search engine of the network. The parameters available to narrow the search are based on physical traits, location, and expectations on the relationship.

Passing through the Paywall

LocalHookUps offers four different plans of access, and all of them offer full access to all the features of the platform: the first plan is the three days trial priced at $2.97, an entire month costs $9.95, three months will go for $74.85 and six months will cost $119.70. Aside from the advanced search feature, you will also unlock the ability to chat with other users. Be careful though, the first contacts are always from chatbots meant to keep you engaged, but a quick look at the profile pic of these “women” will make you realize real quick that they are not real. Active users usually showcase a pink box to show their availability. You chat with them and set up a meeting if you both cover your expectations during the chat. There are a lot of girls on the site; the parity of users seems to be evenly sided so it won’t be hard for you to find someone real quick.

Closing Thoughts About LocalHookUp

As a matchmaking website, LocalHookup works pretty fine. It has a big database of real users that almost cancels the fake accounts baiting people with mindless chat that goes nowhere. Users online are encouraged to keep an effective form of communication to make sure that they are talking to a real person. Setting a meeting is a plus. If by any reason a person refuses to follow a line of conversation, is best to discard them and move on to another user who knows how to keep a decent conversation. Other than that, there are no real downsides beyond that.

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