Fling.com, Is It A Reliable Service For Hookup?

FlingMost people think about stability when they consider things like love and long-term relationships. It would be pretty fair to say that a lot of people on dating websites are not exactly looking for that when they use these services. Fling.com is one of those sites that can help you find a casual partner for a one-night stand. The platform is currently the largest online dating site with almost 50 million users from every corner of the world. People from the United States, Russia, Australia, and Asia gather to find a potential partner for a fling. The site has been running strong for 12 years now.

Why has Fling.com been so successful?

The site doesn’t pull punches when it comes to stating their secret to keep being relevant in a saturated market: they allow users absolute freedom to express themselves sexually. No single user has to put on layers and hide their intentions on Fling. They are one of the very few dating sites that allow adult content on display so people can choose to engage with other users based on their kinks and overall looks as well. It may sound intimidating, but newcomers have it easy, they just need to create an account based on location and Fling.com does the rest of the job to help you find the people that are on the same mindset and is close to you. Bear in mind that the platform is global, but it’s not available in some locations.

What Can I Find on Fling.com?

As if having the largest community of active sexual users is not enough, the site can help you find your flint globally, with 50 million members active and 18 million of them in the United States of America. The average user is aged 30 to 35, but you can find people aged on the senior spectrum. The proportions of users are very uneven with almost 65% of the platform populated by guys and 35% of women, on the other side of the coin there is also 20% of users registered as gay, so make of that what you will. The advanced search tool can help you find a partner according to parameters such as age, gender, looks, online presence, etc. You can get in contact with people who stream content and with many couples looking for a partner to engage in a threesome.

Types of Memberships on Fling.com

You can sing up to the platform for free, but there is not a lot to offer with the basic set up. The site does ask for a lot of information about your preferences to set you up with the right people and even goes as far as asking you for a brief description. Free profiles can receive and read messages, but they can’t answer them. The basic offering also only limits your contact to one picture and the username of other users. If you want to see more, you need to pay for one of the memberships offered by the platform. The billing plan for the memberships goes as it follows:  there is the 1-month Gold membership valued at $34.95, the 6-months Gold membership priced at $11.66 per month, for a total of $69.95, and the One-year Gold membership priced at $9.90 per month, for a grand total of $118.80.

The Benefits of a Premium Membership on Fling.com

The range of options of a paid membership on the site is pretty standard, but all of them have a twist to make it more enjoyable. One of the most popular features is video chats since they prove to be highly interactive and many people can get a clear picture of the person they are engaging in a single click. A lot of models in the platform offers live shows. You can have access to those too with the premium plan as well. Most of these models will do anything you want if you tip them well. There is also a three-month guarantee that state that users can have three additional months of service for free if they haven’t found their first hookup in the first three months of using the platform. Last but not least is the ever popular ranking option to get a decent idea of who is trending among users based on looks or personality.

Closing Thoughts about Fling.com

With the largest database of users looking for sexual engagements online and at least 700,000 of them active at all moments, Fling.com certainly looks like an excellent venue to meet people, make sure to try it out!

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