Fap Titans: A Promising Sex Game to Kill Time and Indulge

Are you looking for a good game to kill time without doing much but to enjoy viewing the gallery? Well, the Fap Titans could be the best game for you. Because not only you help the girls in the game kill monsters and demons, but you will also get the chance to view the most erotic artworks that can surely stimulate your senses, especially down there.

First Impressions

Unlike other erotica games I have played before where it involves role-playing and simulation games, FapTitans make itself clear to be different from the others. Given that the protagonist in the game is wearing seductive outfits (especially Akira Hitsujikai, the cowgirl that wears a leather bra and very tight underwear adorned with a leather belt with big yellow star) Fap Titans is an action-packed clicking hentai game.

Action-packed, for the reason that to upgrade your guild base, hire new heroes, increase your character attributes and get rewards in every boss kills, you have to kill the minions. If you will not upgrade the minions, it will be tiring to click the monster manually to kill it. So, the secret in killing the monsters fast is to keep on upgrading the heroes you hire.

Erotic scenes in Fap Titans will start to pop up on your screen through images you got from the treasure chest. These treasure chests are those you received as a reward for killing the big bosses. And what is good about these erotic images is that it is stimulating that will make you want for more. So what else will you do to get images you won’t just see on Google? Keep on playing the game.


Fap Titans is a very promising sex game because it is easy to play, there’s a free trial and has regular patch notes. The gameplay is through clicks, but if your heroes have high DPS (damage per second), you can just let your hero hit the monster and increase its gold while you’re doing something else.

It’s a nice browser game because the game can be auto-pilot or manually clicked (when hitting the monster). Just like any other game where you have to do some upgrades on your buildings, Fap Titans also has the same feature where you buy buildings to upgrade your force against monsters and demons and also to house more heroes.

Throughout the game, you will also need to upgrade every hero you use as your main hitter to the monster. And here comes a surprise. Every time your hero receives jewelry from you, erotic videos of your character and that hero are unlocked. These erotic videos only last for a couple of seconds, which is enough to stimulate your erotic senses.

Pricing and Membership Details

Fap Titans are not free to play. Although you can play it in the free trial, if you want to boost your heroes and get better items for your heroes to easily defeat bosses, you have to spend some money on it. You can play either as a guest or a registered player. Yet, if you chose to play as a guest, it is best not to clean your cookies because you might lose your game. But if you register in the game, you can always go back to do some upgrades. And of course, to watch the unlock erotic videos of the heroes.

For interested players, the game offers two kinds of starter packs: the novice pack which costs $1.99 and the King Pack that cost $29.99.

The difference between the two is that on novice pack the gold rate is increased each time you kill the lesser monster and that the DPS is doubled. The Novice pack initially promise a profit of 4.96B. While in King Pack, you will be able to get a unique hero with high DPS (Yukari Tenshi). Aside from this, the gold drop rate is increased with a promising revenue of 44.7B and your DPS is also doubled.

If you want to fast-paced upgrades on special heroes and buildings, you can always buy white diamonds or the VIP points which cost $49, where you will get 1250 white diamonds. They also put on sale important items such as rare heroes, DPS multiplier, medium pack master gems, medium pack of essence and 120h increased gold drop rate.

If you’re not willing to spend, there’s another way to earn the items needed for upgrades. That is by completing the quest. Doing the quest to get the special items may be daunting, but you will not get bored playing this game as there’s a lot of things to do aside from clicking.


The game loads smoothly whether you’re using mobile data or WiFi. It’s straightforward because when you visit the website, you will instantly be directed to the game. The game is easy to play. It’s either you manually click the monster to kill it or just let the autopilot do the work and just wait for your gold to pile up so you can hire more heroes that will increase your DPS.

When it comes to pricing of the products, Fap Titans are fair to donators and non-donators of the game. For those players who can’t afford to buy the packs, they can still get rare and unique heroes by doing quests. It may take some time, but you will eventually get it. As for those who top-up for the game, they were given many advantages by receiving rare items that are needed to increase your DPS. In this way, you can advance to the next level faster than the other players.

Other than the character items, another prize worth getting are the unlocked hentai images and videos.


Fap Titans do not have a mobile version. If you want to play the game, you have to open it on your desktop or laptop browser. If you will be playing the game, it is best to play it on a stable internet.


The FapTitans is a good sex browser game that is not that vulgar. That is because pornography only appears every time you killed a big boss. You can see and watch the pictures and videos you received in a designated album of the game. So while you’re waiting for your hero to gather up the needed materials and gold, you can always visit your gallery to fap.

When it comes to getting unique heroes, it is always up to you whether you’ll buy the packs and purchase white diamonds, since these can also be obtained from normal quests.

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