Ashley Madison – Extremely Popular Site Review

AshleyMadisonAshley Madison was born out of controversy. The website came to be in 2001, but they picked up a lot of people when they advertised themselves as the best place to get an affair. The move sparked a lot of outrage from the media, but it also brought a lot of business for them. The platform is still up and running, and it’s aimed at individuals that are seeking a little spice on their love life with likeminded people who are looking for a no-strings-attached relationship.

The Basics about Ashley Madison

If you are keeping count Ashley Madison has been on business for almost 18 years now, and they are still one of the most profitable dating websites across the internet. The service claims to have a high traffic of users every day on every end of the spectrum.  The site seems to be very serviceable for people looking for unconventional relationships, so if you are looking for the idealized love of your life, this is probably not the best venue for it. But if you are one of the many people looking for a way to get in connect with someone aiming for a specific arrangement this is the place to go.

Ashley Madison is considered the place for cheaters for a reason, the site takes great pride in protecting the identity of their users, especially if they are engaging in extra-marital affairs. The behind the platform goes great lengths to offer top-level confidentiality to every user that logs in with them. Most users can get a glimpse at this on their first interaction with the site, as they register since the site doesn’t link to any other social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, something that is a fairly common practice or other platforms such as Tinder. That way, they can prevent any potential leaks of personal information.

The Services Offered by Ashley Madison

To get full access to Ashley Madison’s services you have to register first. The site will ask you for some data such as marital status, a username that reflects your personality, a password, a zip-code, birth date, and an e-mail address. It goes without saying, but you should not log in to the site using your personal e-mail or a work e-mail. Since the site strives on anonymity, you don’t have to offer your real name at all. The service has a unique take when it comes to the generation of revenue: men have to pay to get access, but women get a free pass. However, they need to have contact with other users to get ranked a have a strong presence on the listings of popular users.

Additional Options of the Platform

Ashley Madison allows users to send priority messages. The option gets activated when you have a paid subscription or if you purchase the option using the “credits” offered by the platform for being an active member. If you are looking for risky propositions as you travel, there is an option to named “Traveling Man” so you can find a partner in the place of your stay. In the chat logs, you can use some popular features such as gifts and winks. You can also create an archive for your messages. If you have set your Zip-Code properly, you will be able to target people based on the nearest spot of your location. It can be as close to the same neighborhood where you live!

Security and Pricing

As we already said Ashley Madison it’s all about safety. For them, your private life is inviolable and sacred. They make a strong case for you to have a separate e-mail address since the platform engages a lot of their users on their inboxes when they have pending notifications. They go as far as special offer filters to censor the photographs you upload to the website. The site is free to join, but it requires paying for credits to activate most features. The current plans offered are the basic plan that grants 100 Credits for $59.00, the Classic plan offers 500 Credits for $165, and the Elite plant gives you 1000 credits for $280. All transactions can be kept anonymous using PayPal as a proxy for most credit cards.

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