AdultFriendFinder – Is It A Legit Site For Dating?

Do you have a recent breakup? Are you feeling depressed for some reason? The easiest solution to you is to look for a new companion and engage him or her for dating. Online dating trend may be familiar to you. Now, it is your turn to hunt for the dating partner. Although there are differences in various dating platforms, you may meet the right person at AdultFriendFinder.

Most of us raise questions about the legitimacy of the dating sites. Now, we have reviewed the reliability and authenticity of AdultFriendFinder. You can read our review to find the answer to your question – Is AdultFriendFinder a safe and legitimate site?

Registration- Easy for any user

AdultFriendFinder would not let you wait for several minutes for accessing the site. Thus, like any other dating site, AdultFriendFinder has a faster registration process for the users. Regardless of any gender, age and location, the signup process is free for all.

When the registration process is over, you need to answer some questions to input some basic information about yourself. Apart from mentioning your own sexual preference, you need to add a few more details to find your match very easily.

While talking about the signup process, we must not miss out with another thing. You can choose any username, as it will be the major identifier of your profile to other users. Once you have gone through the various steps for registration, you can find the recent activities of various active users at the site. From this dashboard, you may start searching for your potential partner.

Who can sign up for AdultFriendFinder?

Are looking for a mature, sexual content? Then, AdultFriendFinder can be the best choice for you. Whether you are a single or married, this site works as one of the social networking platforms for you. A vast user base proves that AdultFriendFinder is much popular to lots of men and women.

You can find one common interest in them. AdultFriendFinder members love sharing the sexual content through the live stream, blog, photo or video. There is no reason to hide anything about nudity. Everyone at this platform is much frank about it.

The percentage of female users is higher than that of the male ones. Some others have a view that the number of men is more than that of the women. We have not found any stat on the ratio of male to female members. However, although there are men, most of them are gays. You may become an active member of this site and interact with each other through comments and likes.

To find the new activities of the users, you can visit the Home page. However, we have heard some complaints from members that there is a chance of receiving messages from bots and scam profiles.

Reviewing the profile quality

Let us first talk about your own profile. You have already added the basic information at the time of registration. However, anytime you may add more info to your profile. You can mention your physical attributes, location and personality.

Some AdultFriendFinder members may love the privacy, and that’s why this site gives you an option of keeping a few of your details private.

Now, as one of the members, you may search for other members’ profiles. You can learn about their kinks, sexual fantasies and preferences. The free version helps you to watch the uploaded photos and videos on others’ timelines. However, for viewing the full details of the profile, you need to pay for a subscription.

For those who are looking for a big sex community, AdultFriendFinder can be the right platform. You can take pleasure in the faster hookups, sexual encounters and the jumbled nude snapshots. These things can act as the calls-to-action for sex of various types. Surely, they are paradise to those who are casual in their relationship. Conversely, they are not right for a person who deserves a platonic and genuine friendship with a woman or a man.

Every month, AdultFriendFinder receives millions of visits. The visitors or site members are mostly from the USA. However, you may also find the members from Canada.

The registration process for new users

AdultFriendFinder has streamlined its registration process for novice users. After going through the signup process, you can land on the homepage, and the site will prompt you to choose sexual orientation from a list. This list presents you with various options- Couples (two men and two women), group, man or woman. You may choose one or more than one option from this list. While registering at the site, you can write a precise introduction about yourself.

To access the site as one of the registered users, you can input your password and email address or your password and username.

Once you have registered at the site, you can find several options for personalizing your profile. To say honestly, AdultFriendFinder is something more than a hookup site. By filling out various fields, you will be able to make your profile more attractive to other members. Basic physical details include your hair color, eye color and body type. However, for a woman, there is an option of mentioning the cup size.

The funniest part at this website is Purity Test. You may need to face hilarious questions to check out your willingness in sex. You will feel that you are playing a sex game with your crush.

Other than the info in the profile, you cannot find any other way to find the real match. Thus, there is a very limited chance of having a lasting relationship with your chosen partner. However, while your intention is similar to that of other members, you can continue using the site.

Membership options at AFF

Now, let us talk about the membership schemes for users. As one of the AdultFriendFinder users, you will get a free trial option. However, while you are pleased with the features and functions, you may pay for the membership scheme. Standard member is the free version for you, and you will get an opportunity of joining different blogs, chat rooms and groups. The free members also have an option for uploading photos and videos. Although they can add 200 members to their hotlist, they will be able to watch only one cam video at a time.

One of the frustrating things is that the technical team makes delays in sending a reply to these free members.

If you have a slightly higher budget, you may invest in the Gold membership. The technical service gives a faster response to these members. Moreover, with this membership option, you may add 1000 members to your hotlist. What’s more, you can enjoy several videos by availing Gold members. Full-size pictures and full-length videos- everything will take your entertainment to a different height.

You can read the messages sent by others and then reply to them. The advanced search feature will help you to find the right match. The best option for you is the VIP membership. Your profile will get a VIP icon, and it will appear instantly while someone is making VIP search. Furthermore, while any other member is reading your message, AdultFriendFinder will send you a notification.

Any privacy issue at the site?

Although entertainment and fun are your primary focuses, you can never overlook privacy. AdultFriendFinder does not have all free features, and you need to make payment. Thus, why should you not check out the data privacy at this platform?

However, from our review, we have found that AdultFriendFinder has made its site secure with 256-bit encryption layer and best web server certificate. Thus, there is no chance of data breach at this dating platform. AFF protects the private and confidential data of every member. Hence, without thinking much of your privacy, you may sign up for the site.

The most attractive sections at AdultFriendFinder

AFF team has made the best effort to keep up your entertainment. However, where does the entertainment lie? Surely, it is in the way you communicate with other members. Let us now see what special features are waiting for you at AdultFriendFinder.

Live Member Webcams

Do you love watching online members and interacting with them? Then, you can click on the option, Live Action and choose Live Broadcasters Webcams. Some online members at AdultFriendFinder publicly broadcast themselves, and is the right time to have fun with them.

Adult Chatrooms and Groups

Having a chat at the public chatroom takes your fun to a different level. You have the chance of sharing your sexual fantasies in this chatroom. What’s more, this chatroom is available to you at free of cost. You may also create a group and start chatting with others on the chosen topic.

Sex Academy

You have already visited various sites for sex education. Now, you can find the desired information at AdultFriendFinder. It is one of the interesting features, enabling you to watch instructional video content, related to oral sex and anal game. You will also get tips on the way of encountering your dream partner online. However, to enjoy this feature, you need to pay an amount. We have found that lots of members with real interest in sex have chosen paid membership to avail of this feature.

Magazine and Blogs

The magazine and blogs are other sources of information. You can go through the online journals, published at AdultFriendFinder. You may also make a comment on the content of those journals.

Erotic Stories

Who doesn’t love reading the erotic and romantic stories? AdultFriendFinder is a unique platform, presenting you with these amazing stories. There may be fictional or real-life stories. Some authors have written short novels, revealing dirty and sensual stories.


The themed contest is one of the attractive sides of AdultFriendFinder. AFF hosts this contest, and any member may make an entry. You can choose videos or photos as your entry. One, who gets the highest number of votes or likes, becomes the winner.

Flirt request

You may have become attracted to one of the AFF members. This dating site has an option for you to reveal your interest and flirt with that person. You can click on the wink emoji, present on the profile of your preferable match. However, you will get this option as the paid member of the site. Standard members only get the notification when someone has flirted with them. They do not have any chance of sending a response.

Send Gifts

You think that you cannot convey your words of love without sending gifts. In the virtual world also, you can get an option of sending the best virtual girls. Buy one of these virtual gifts and send them to your dream partner. He or she will have a soft corner for you.


You may have liked a member, or a content posted on his or her profile. Now, you can send a tip to that person. It motivates the member to post more content in the community.


Has any of the members won your heart? You may create the hotlist by adding those members. It becomes easy for you to identify them. This free feature is enjoyable for all members.


AdultFriendFinder is one of the reputed and biggest dating sites, and this reputation itself is a pro of AFF. You can find an advanced search option and various ways of communicating with members. While you think of taking cyber-sex to a different level, you may also choose AdultFriendFinder. Webcams, blogs and erotic stories are the added features that make this site popular.


One of the demerits of AdultFriendFinder is that it does not have any data-driven matching algorithm. Moreover, the premium membership scheme does not include the cost of model videos and sex academy.

To conclude, we can say that you may not get the optimum level of amusement until you have paid AdultFriendFinder membership. For the guys, there are horny women, waiting for sensual communication. AdultFriendFinder has differentiated its site from other dating platforms by adding special features.

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